Introduction to Speyside Scotch – Fritzys Bar (TBC)


Introduction to Speyside Scotch – Fritzys Bar (TBC)


Schools in session, Introduction to Speyside Scotch, the only class that you won’t want to miss!

This class is taught by our Whisky Expert, Graeme Robertson, Product of Scotland. In this class, you will experience whiskies from some of the oldest and newest distilleries in Scotland.

We will compare 4 classic Speyside Region Single Scotch Malt Whisky’s as we explore the idyllic flavor profiles and styles of the winding spring rivers and roaming pine covered mountains.

You will be given the skills to understand the flavor profiles of each whisky through nosing and tasting. This is the foundation practiced by experts. By the end of the class, you will be able to utilize these skills to identify the subtle flavors hidden within each whisky and how the distilling process influences them.

“The best whisky is the whisky you have yet to taste.”

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